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Suitable for FIS V 360 S, FIS HB 345 S, FIS EM 390 S, FIS SB HIGH SPEED 390 S, FIS SB 390 S, FIS V 360 S HIGH SPEED, FIS PM 360 S, Mortar 360 S and 1 K cartridges
GTIN (EAN code) 4006209580004


  • The fischer blow-out pump ABG is suitable for fast, approval-compliant drill hole cleaning.
  • High cleaning performance and simple to use.
  • Adjustable dust protection.
  • ABG is a manually operated blow-out pump for cleaning drill holes.
  • Because of the high blowing pressure, the drill hole cuttings are reliably removed from the drill hole.
  • The drill hole cap directs the drill hole cutting sideways out of the drill hole, thus reducing dust exposure of the user.
  • A sealing washer prevents drill hole cuttings from penetrating into the cylinder. This allows for a trouble-free functioning and a prolonged service life of the ABG.
  • The tube can be attached to the blow-out pump, thus providing for space-saving storing and transport of ABG.
  • GTIN (EAN Code): 4006209893005